RPI Gamefest 2020: Artistic Excellence Award and Audience Choice Award Winner

Game Trailer

Wiltune Village Dialogue

Talk to villagers as you prepare for stealth missions

Wiltune Guard Dialogue

Hide from guards to overhear their conversations

The Team


  • Xavier Marshall
  • Hibiki Takaku
  • Jacy Scharlow
  • Chloe Fisher
  • Julia Krawiec
  • Tatum Hobby

Wiltune is a third person stealth and puzzle game where you take the role of Mitra, a resident of Wiltune Village tasked with journeying to lavish environments in the city afar to steal their treasures. These treasures are powerful musical artifacts that in this world allow time to flow regularly. Wiltune Village is in desperate need of time and you are their last resort.

This was a 5-month project developed for my Game Development II class at RPI.

My priorities on this project were evenly split between programming of the game's core mechanics and level design. Using UE4 blueprinting, I create localized time manipulation — most notably created a custom time looping implementation. From there, I programmed puzzle mechanics for each level, character dialogue, and infrastructural systems. I designed and conducted playtests for all three of our main levels and their unique features. Additionally, I worked on a few basic shaders such as the zones of time manipulation.