Geodesic Domination

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Geodesic combat

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Geodesic Exploration

Geodesic Resource Creation

The Team


  • Xavier Marshall
  • Andrew Sirkoch
  • Nick Magilou
  • Rachel Lynch

Geodesic Domination is a multiplayer conquest strategy prototype mapped to a geodesic sphere.

This was a 2-month project developed for Intermediate Game Design at RPI made with Unity. Myself and Andrew led a rotating crew of short-term student developers. In parallel I was responsible for designing and programming combat and multiplayer systems

Taking full advantage of the hex grid, this prototype features a unique directional combat system where the offensive and defensive capabilities of an army unit depend on the direction of their last movement. Various army types can be deployed each with unique movement and combat actions. Meanwhile, parameter-generated terrains ensure a unique experience every play session.  It's economy demands a fine balance between the morale of your units and their military capabilities.