RPIĀ Gamefest 2021: Technical Excellence Award Winner

Game Trailer

Stalagmic Platforming

Sing notes to move platforms

Stalagmic Speaker Puzzle

Stalagmic Platforming

The Team


  • Xavier Marshall
  • Hibiki Takaku
  • Andrew Sirkoch
  • Greg Sirkoch
  • Julia Krawiec
  • Tatum Hobby

Stalagmic is a singing-based puzzle platformer where players control the environment with their voice.

This was a 3-month project developed for Experimental Game Design at RPI made with Unreal Engine 4

I was responsible for constructing the low-level systems in UE4 related to all adaptations of ParallelCube's audio-analysis plugin into gameplay and visuals. For example, when the player sings a note an AOE is projected around the player where range is determined by the volume and effect is determined by pitch. They can also embed an unchanging pitch radius in their fairy partner. Both behaviors manage and manipulate certain objects within their range. I also worked on a majority of the game's VFX such as the song radius around the player, note holograms, and speaker sound pulses.