Xavier Marshall

Game Developer | SIMULATION Programmer | cognitive researcher

Research Roles:

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Full-Time Undergraduate Research

Unity Developer

RPI's PandA Lab is a research facility interested in progressing our understanding of human perception and decision making. My role on the team was the ground-up development of a Unity Engine drone simulation designed for studying gaze behavior, locomotion, and routing in experienced drone pilots. Its development will be the cornerstone of my Cognitive Science Master's degree in 2023.

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Part-Time Game Development

Assistant Programmer

Eco Resilience Games creates virtual worlds that inspire us to preserve our actual one. With this in mind, The Aquatic Messenger takes players on a VR journey through the past, present, and future of Lake George. Here, I assisted with designing the game's structural components and worked on prototypes of the associated micro-objectives.

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The Aquatic Messenger Ocean SunsetThe Aquatic Messenger Ocean Sunset
Part-Time Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Mentor

Critical CS1 is a freshman level computer science curricular module that introduces algorithmic
epistemologies alongside social issues. As a mentor, I assited students with learning Python programming and critical engagement with their assignments. As a researcher, I collaborated with a team to enhance the existing curriculum and create new material.

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Tactical Humanities Lab MeetingTactical Humanities Lab Meeting


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